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Aug 5, 2016

PepsiCo products are enjoyed by consumers one billion times a day in more than 200 countries and territories around the world, and PepsiCo Global R&D is always exploring innovative ideas to improve the consumer experience.

To have the right beverage dispensing, vending or cooling equipment is key to drive sales and consumer’s engagement with our products. We at PepsiCo Global Equipment Development are continuously looking for innovative solutions to improve our equipment and deliver optimal solutions for our customers while maintaining excellent product quality for our consumers. One of our recent equipment breakthroughs is the Pepsi Spire® – a full portfolio of beverage dispensers helping our customers to engage with their consumers and allowing consumers to explore the vast range of beverage choices.

Your challenge is…
In the tradition of PepsiCo/SWE Engineering Challenge, we are calling for your innovative ideas on how to improve our equipment performance. This year’s Challenge will focus on beverage dispensing equipment.

Download the official Challenge Charter
Download the official Challenge Terms and Conditions
Download the PepsiCo Fountain Equipment Principles of Operation

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Winning submissions receive:

Challenge Requirements:

  • 1. Identify and research

    Identify technologies for further improvement of trade quality and increase productivity of our beverage fountain machines. Do your research and be creative!

  • 2. Provide Details on the Feasiblity of Your Solution

    Provide details around how feasibly your solution can be executed in terms of but not limited to, the following: scale (size of impact), cost of implementation, time required to implement the technology and resources required.

  • 3. Provide Details on the Projected Outcome

    Provide details on the projected outcome or impact that your innovation has on PepsiCo business and/or customers and consumers.

  • 4. Submit Your Challenge Solution

    Read full terms and conditions for submissions in the ‘Terms and Conditions’ section and submit abstract and proposal for your solution by August 5, 2016.

Submit Your Challenge Solution:

Submit Your Challenge Solution on a Desktop or Laptop Computer

Select Your Files

Your files must be submitted as PDF files. Files combined should not exceed 10 megabytes (mb) in size.

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Your abstract must not exceed 250 words and must not be longer than one page. The abstract MUST contain a title and a brief summary of the case study and:

Abstracts must be created in MS PowerPoint and submitted as a PDF file.

Your proposal MUST NOT exceed 15 pages and must contain:

1. Cover or Title Page
2. Brief Summary
3. Samples of Collateral Materials
4. References for all Research Materials

Proposals must be created in MS PowerPoint and submitted as a PDF file.

All submissions must follow all contest’s Terms and Conditions. Teams that do not follow the rules and regulations will be disqualified and will no longer be considered for participation in the competition. There will be no exceptions.

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